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Self publishing packages tailored to you and your budget

Becoming a published author doesn’t need to be a complicated process - we know how to get a book published.



Whether you’re trying to get to grips with typesetting, not sure what a bleed is or don’t know your KDP from your Ingramspark, Snowdrop Publishing can support you with a range of self-publishing packages to get your book published. 


Get your book published and on sale internationally with self-publishing expert Eleanor Baggaley and her team. We are an independent publisher in the UK. Let go of the worry and leave it in our capable hands and enjoy being a published author.

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Does this sound familiar?

🖋️ You’ve finished writing but not sure whether your work is good enough.

🖋️ You have no idea where to start formatting it so it looks like an actual book.

🖋️ You’re wondering whether you need an ISBN and where to get one.

🖋️ You’d love to know how to get your book onto Amazon or into Waterstones.

After working with us . . .

🖋️ Your work will have been carefully checked using our qualified editor and proofreading services.

🖋️ You will have a professional looking book in your choice of paperback and/or hard cover.

🖋️ Your book will be registered on the ISBN database.

🖋️ You will not only know how to get a book published but will have your very own book published.

🖋️ Your readers will be able to purchase your book through a variety of channels including Amazon and Waterstones.

Client Feedback

It was the first time I attempted publishing on Amazon KDP and had difficulty navigating my way through the process. Eleanor, with her undeniable expertise sorted it all out promptly, taking away all the stress. 'The Croc and the Cat' is looking good! I am really pleased with the result. Thanks, Eleanor.

Judith Brulo


Snowdrop Publishing

Get your book published and on sale internationally

with self publishing expert Eleanor Baggaley and her team

What’s available:

Personal Consultation 

Set a mutually agreeable timeline to get your book print ready and published. 

Support, motivation and accountability
Regular updates so you know exactly where your book is up to, what’s coming next and how to self publish a book.

We will provide you with feedback and encouragement on your style and content. 

Professional Editing, Proofreading & Typesetting
Our team of experts will ensure your book looks perfect on the inside to showcase your writing.

Cover Design
Bespoke cover created just for you so you can absolutely judge your book by its cover. 

Print & Ebook

Ensure your book is on sale internationally.

You keep 100% of your profits
Yes, you read that right, the profits from your sales are yours to keep. The advantage of using our self-publishing package is that you are in complete control.

Author copies of your book
Buy copies of your book at cost price. We take care of uploading your book in the required formats. 

Marketing & social media
We can provide you with a book marketing plan and materials for your social media and website promotion.

Author website
Your very own website to showcase you* and your book and support your ongoing book marketing. 

*If you use a pseudonym and don’t want to reveal your identity, we can ensure your website is set up to meet your needs.

Take the worries away, by publishing through us we take care of all the worries about purchasing and registering your ISBN as well as a linked bar code.

Packages to suit

You don’t need to take all the services, we can tailor a package to suit you and your needs. 

Don't just take our word for it

Eleanor's knowledge & understanding of the processes of writing a book is very widespread. She is never arrogant though, but very helpful and keen to help people succeed. She made me feel empowered. I would thoroughly recommend her as a mentor.

@Aspiring Author
Linda Nightingale

Eleanor kindly approached me to aid my skills on book writing. I hadn't been on a zoom meeting before and despite having no camera at the time found her and the other lady present at the time most helpful and supportive. She offers accountability to spur your writing on and overall came away feeling very positive than I did to begin with.

@Aspiring Author
Cee Sisson

Eleanor made me/everyone feel very welcome and was extremely generous with her knowledge of the book publishing and writing process. She shared her experiences wanting us to learn from them. This was really useful. She shared tips around using illustrators, formatting and lots more. I always feel inspired and back in 'the zone' for writing. Family life can knock you off track sometimes, but Eleanor is an inspiration and helps you focus and plan in such a lovely friendly way. Love going along to her sessions.

@Aspiring Author
Dee Holley

It was the first time I attempted publishing on Amazon KDP and had difficulty navigating my way through the process. Eleanor, with her undeniable expertise sorted it all out promptly, taking away all the stress. '
The Croc and the Cat' is looking good! I am really pleased with the result. Thanks, Eleanor.

@Aspiring Author
Judith Brulo

Who’s behind Snowdrop Publishing?

When I published my first books I had no idea where to start with self publishing in the UK, I muddled through making lots of mistakes but eventually got my books out there.


With each book I wrote and published, I learned and developed new skills and started supporting other people. I want to de-mystify the process for you so that you know how to get a book published without the struggles I went through. 

The sense of achievement you feel after publishing a book is more than words can describe. Whether it’s your first, fifth or fifteenth, it feels immense, and I want to help you to achieve that feeling and hold your book in your hands.

I’m a qualified transformational mindset coach, a busy mum to three children, a carer for my youngest who has Down syndrome, a wife and published author.

I am on a mission to help people like you change the world by telling your story; whether it’s a picture book to engage children in reading, a non-fiction book to educate and support or fiction to provide a much needed escape. They all have a place in making our lives a better place to be. 

In addition to my expertise I have an excellent team of editors, proofreaders and illustrators on hand to get your book published.

Eleanor Baggaley, a blonde woman

Are you ready to . . .

  • Have a professional looking book that you can hold in your hands?

  • Share your book with a world wide audience?

  • Make a difference in the world through your words?

  • Become a published author?

How to work with us

Register your interest to work with me by booking a short call to find out how I can help you.


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