Writing Coach 1:1 Service

Coaching for writers to give accountability and support to finish and self-publish their book

Hi, I'm Eleanor Baggaley a writing coach here to support Entrepreneurs, Coaches and Leaders to write their books and share their expertise, stories and experience. Whether it's to increase their visibility, to improve credibility in their field or to realise their dream of becoming a published author.

Writing can be a lonely process but together I will help you to not only finish your book but feel confident in your finished creation.


My 3 month intensive 1:1 coaching for writers' service gives you guidance to help you through the mindset issues that are holding you back, as well as providing practical advice throughout the process.


As a qualified mindset coach, I am perfectly positioned to gently guide you and keep you accountable so that you combat procrastination and create healthy writing habits ready for your next book!

Eleanor sitting on a couch and writing in a book

Consider these questions

  • Do you want a lead magnet to entice more clients?
  • Do you want to build your credibility in your field?
  • Do you want to share your story, expertise or experience?

Imagine . . .

🖋️ Having a published book readily available for potential clients.
🖋️ Getting speaking engagements and being approached for work because someone read your book.
🖋️ Helping 1000s more people by sharing your expertise, story or experience.
🖋️ Having a business card that won't get flung straight in the bin.
🖋️ Being raring to go on your next book - let’s face you are likely to have another book idea


1:1 Writing and Publishing Support

Online guidance and support form published author and qualified
mindset coach, Eleanor Baggaley

What’s included:

Fortnightly calls 
Meet at a mutually agreeable time to suit you. Each 60-minute call is recorded for you to refer back to whenever you need.
Feel reassured and back in control with your personalised plan of action to get your book written and published.
No travel
The remote nature of the service means you don’t have to get in a car; you can join the calls from the comfort of your own home.
Support, motivation and accountability
In addition to your calls, I will be on hand to answer questions and support you with any wobbles you have along the way.
Author-ity Coaching Programme
Access to content from my programme, to support your journey.
Writing Retreats - Early Access
Discounts and early access to book your place on my writing retreats.


Eleanor's knowledge & understanding of the processes of writing a book is very widespread. She is never arrogant though, but very helpful and keen to help people succeed. She made me feel empowered. I would thoroughly recommend her as a mentor.

~ Linda Nightingale

Eleanor kindly approached me to aid my skills on book writing. I hadn't been on a zoom meeting before and despite having no camera at the time found her and the other lady present at the time most helpful and supportive. She offers accountability to spur your writing on and overall came away feeling very positive than I did to begin with.

~ Cee Sisson

Eleanor made me/everyone feel very welcome and was extremely generous with her knowledge of the book publishing and writing process. She shared her experiences wanting us to learn from them. This was really useful. She shared tips around using illustrators, formatting and lots more. I always feel inspired and back in 'the zone' for writing. Family life can knock you off track sometimes, but Eleanor is an inspiration and helps you focus and plan in such a lovely friendly way. Love going along to her sessions.

~ Dee Holley

It was the first time I attempted publishing on Amazon KDP and had difficulty navigating my way through the process. Eleanor, with her undeniable expertise sorted it all out promptly, taking away all the stress. '
The Croc and the Cat' is looking good! I am really pleased with the result. Thanks, Eleanor.

~ Judith Brulo

Hello, I’m Eleanor - an educator, published author and coach

Once upon a time, I never imagined I would write a book, now with three series of picture books, as well as non-fiction books for older children under my belt, I am proud to say I am a published author. 
The sense of achievement you feel after publishing a book is more than words can describe. Whether it’s your first, fifth or fifteenth, it feels immense, and I want to help you to achieve that feeling and hold your book in your hands.
I’m a qualified transformational mindset coach, a busy mum to three children, a carer for my youngest who has Down syndrome, a wife and a published author.
I have made all the mistakes, I’m the queen of procrastination and yet I overcame them all to become a published author, and now I can help you too.
Eleanor Baggaley, a blonde woman

Are you ready to . . .

  • Have a published book readily available for potential clients?
  • Get speaking engagements and be approached for work because someone read your book?
  • Help 1000s more people by sharing your expertise, story or experience?
  • Have a business card that won't get flung straight in the bin?
  • Be raring to go on your next book?

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